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Full Version: New Users - postbit_profilefield
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So I'm having a random new issue that just cropped up. Existing users are calling the template postbit_profilefield just fine and displaying the information that is supposed to go there. However, suddenly and out of nowhere, any new user does NOT call this template. 

Example: (Existing Member) The Level Number and Roster and Profile is in postbit_profilefield

[Image: fd46fb94957f30fbc612be47c56055ef.png]

This is what is happening to new users. 

[Image: 3b851ea5307c0584ceb184c64178d5ca.png]

I've even made a test user of mine an Admin to see if it was just some permission error and it was a no go. Any ideas on why this template would just...explode and not work?
Check to see if there is a minimum post count requirement.
(2018-06-26, 11:30 PM)Wires Wrote: [ -> ]Check to see if there is a minimum post count requirement.

Not that I can see. It's a custom profile field that's being called via a template; which is how it's currently being done. 

Both fields are set to 0 post count requirement. Thanks for the assistance!

We also just enabled SSL/TLS connections from our host and I'm wondering if there is correlation...

I fixed it. The postbit_profile is tied to a custom profile field. I just need to figure out how to make it automatically set a default for it.