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Full Version: add a iFrame script under ABS
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Hi all.

I am running MyBB 1.8.15 default theme with the color leaf used.
i have an admin Site Tech acc if you need access.

I am trying to add a soccer livescores iframe script to my front page only and 
I would like to add it under my Advanved Sidebox as showing in the attachment.

Could anybody please tell me where and how i can add this script.

Thank you.
I am assuming you use default theme and advanced sideboxes code is added in index template.
Go to Admin CP > Templates and Styles > Templates > Default Theme Templates > Index Templates > Index

Add the script inside this template Smile
Hi WallBB
I have done what you told but it will not go under the Advanced Sidebox, the script stays on the far left side if the site and i can't get it to the right.
Any advice?
Please can anyone tell me how to get this script on my front page?