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Hi.  I am considering moving my forum over to MyBB.  A couple questions:
   1 - what is the seo optimization like?  for example, can I optimize each page?  Will the name of the forum be listed in address bar, rather than forum 104?
   2 - is there a control panel or something that makes it very easy to build this forum without any coding knowledge?
   3 - Do I have to find a hosting site or is there hosting included on mybb?
  4 - what is the spamming protection like?  my current forum has captcha and that hasn't helped much.  also, is there a way to delete all postings from one user (at the same time)?
  5 - is it possible to add panels for advertising such as google adsense?

thanks so much
1. Yes, you can use some of the powerful SEO hooks we have here to alter the address bar to improve SEO -- Google SEO and MySEO are examples.

2. Yes, the admin panel is straightforward in which you can easily operate and make changes. Basic HTML and CSS is also good to help with making some changes to the design -- MyBB Docs are also useful.

3. You need to get your own hosting, MyBB does not offer free hosting.

4. We have a massive amount of anti-spam plugins made by the community - view some of them here.

5. Yes, the following plugin will do just fine - My Advertisments.

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