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Full Version: Only Admin can view certain posts
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I've been battling with this issue for a while now.
Sample thread is

Admin can see 5 pages but others see just gets weirder;

* All comments on say page 5 (of admin view) can't be seen on page 4 of other group's view. It like it just ends at page 4 for other groups.
* If you try to append page-5 in non-admin view, it just redirects back to page 1 meaning page 5 doesn't exist in that view
* Under thread list, All user groups can see the most recent comments but only admin can access it.

Here are some shots

Threadlist in Admin

Thread list in non-Admin

* There is no deleted post on this list so that rules out Can view deletion notices settings.

* Additional comments made by non-admin are still invisible to them

Any ideas what could be causing this?