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Full Version: 1.8.7 Language File Not Editing?
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Hello folks!

I'm having a bit of an issue with my 'Online' text file not editing?

I have changed the code string to be as follows:
$l['online_count'] = '<center><b>{4}</b> <small>{5}, (<b>{6}</b> invisible)</small><hr></center>';

But it is still printing out the default information:
"X users active in the past Y minutes (Z member, A of whom are invisible, and B guests)."

It should be reading:
"X users, (invisible)"

Any assistance would be much appreciated. Website is in my signature if you need to view.
Don't you think you need to edit this language variable?

in index.lang.php, line 39
Oh! I was editing the ONLINE English file. I will try that one! Thank you!