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Full Version: Can I see the IP Addresses of people trying to register?
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Can I see the IP Addresses of people trying to register?

I changed the security question a few days ago, and am starting to see misses in the question.

People have been able to sign up too afterward.

I want to see the location of the users who failed, to see if they are spambots.

I figure if a legit user also has problems, they can always try the "contact us" link.
I wouldn't worry about the failures, if they are spambots they will often change their IP anyway and you will be banning hundreds of them.

They're not getting through so don't let it bother you, you have better things to do on your forum than worry about security question failures.

Like you say a genuine person will contact you if they are having problems.

Just use 4 different questions instead of one that way a genuine person will be able to try another one if they don't know the answer.

Also change them often say 4 times a year.
This would be possible through a plugin, but its not something that MyBB supports out of the box.