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Full Version: Fresh start, retaining database
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I'd like to install a fresh copy of MyBB and run it from localhost. However, I don't want to lose all user data. That is, posts, threads, forums, user accounts, etc. Themes/templates/admin settings can go, as I want to redo everything.

Relevant information:

- Remote forums are running 1.8.14, because I've seriously neglected the whole site. Not sure if it will affect this procedure if installing the up to date version.
- I want to run the forums locally from localhost. The remote forums are found at url/forums. Again, not sure if this affects anything
- Database password should be the same

For some reason, when I attempted this, I was unsuccessful. I don't actually remember the specific problem that I ran into though. I tried this a while back, ran into the problems, then gave up because I got my password on this site wrong too many times, locked myself out, then forgot what the problem was in the first place.

Clearly, I'm a disorganised mess.

So now that I've regained access to my account, let's start with the basics and make sure I'm doing everything right.  My local system runs Ubuntu 18.04, and I've purged all files related to running apache2, php, and mysql. Starting all the way from apt installing packages all the way up to getting things running as mentioned above, what's my first step?