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Full Version: forum displays in a weird way when using an external access method.
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This one might be one of the harder ones, so anyone who can help me with this, I greatly appreciate it! Wink

So, I am gonna explain the situation:

I run a game server for Garry's Mod, a sandbox game and I have it set to when players join into the server, a UI overlay pops up onto their screens that displays the website. However, when the site is displayed, it is shown like this:

[Image: 1A2403F9DE7CD1E6262029EA2AAD61A0104D7034]

As you can see above, the display of the forums prints out the most recent thread 4 times under the given forums? Why is this? It does not do this when I regularly access the site.

Does anyone know a fix to this that I could possibly apply to the forum to prevent it from all given access methods to the site? It might even have to do with how the site is being fetched, i'm not sure.

Regardless, thanks anyway!