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Full Version: where is Root Folder [Pleaseeee help me]
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can anyone tell me where is mybb root folder i want to upload something in my forum
please help us by adding relevant titles for your topics.

as you have recently joined here & posted for the first time , here is a reply :

basically root folder is where you have index.php file , global.php file ,
xmlhttp.php file , inc & images named folders along with other files & folders.

assuming that your domain url directly loads MyBB forum,
in general, root folder could be named as public_html or htdocs
brother, can you tell me step by step like goto <>ACP<> .E.T.C?
see this global.cs file i dont see upload folder
if you are using icyboards as your web host then
1. icyboards web hosting is closing down soon
2. one cannot add plugins directly in icyboards web hosting
OhhNo Again i don't know where is icyboards web hosting i don't saw this name folder in my forum I will buy new forum from mybb community but now i need to use this one so please tell me to easily
^ what is your forum url ?
He's with CreateMyBB, not Icyboards.

He should be contacting the admin of CreateMyBB about this.
You are on , have you checked their support forum yet?

For plugins, see there:
(2018-07-29, 03:33 PM)linguist Wrote: [ -> ]You are on ,  have you checked their support forum yet?

For plugins, see there:

Look at the post above you!  Dodgy
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