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Full Version: Invalid avatar file upload
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Since many months, my users and myself are getting an error message when uploading avatar files (error_uploadfailed).

I can't find out why. Even with chmod 777 on any directory, even when reuploading my own avatar. It happenedĀ a while ago after an upgrade (from 1.8 to another 1.8). I never touched anything avatar-related in the configuration.

It works when I change the avatar from the admin control panel.

Any idea? Thanks!
could you copy & paste the error message here? that'd make answering your problem a lot easier.
This is theĀ error_uploadfailed error code. Here is a screenshot (with french language). In the english translations files, it's :

The file upload failed. Please choose a valid file and try again.
Could you possibly try to attach the avatar you are trying to use here or post it to a site like imgur so that we can determine if it's some problem with the image file?
Here is my avatar.