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Full Version: The Coffee House
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[Image: RZEAYl9.png]
Site name: The Coffee House

Site URL:

The Coffee House is a forum that's about games, technology, sports, media, science, life in general, and random facts! Despite the fact that we just started, we already have over 11,000 posts and we just opened a month ago! 

We hope to see you there.
Showcase thread approved. Smile
This one looks neat! You can try and reduce the overall contrast. !
Wasn't this the same on hosted on zetaboard then converted to MYBB due to it being closed. Good Luck I love the theme.
Yes it's the same forum. Smile

Fantastic job on it Kyng & team. Smile
Nice work, really liked the layout on this Smile Good job!
The overall design and the general theme of the website looks amazing. I hope you will keep it up
Actual theme, beautiful design. Well done! Continue in the same spirit!
Very colorful, nice forum!
This is a great forum. Joined a few months back, it's got an awesome atmosphere.
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