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I routinely do an advert here. So, the time has come to post a new one up. As background for those of you who don't know, MMC is a Pokemon themed MyBB forum, with 1800 users, and over 165,000 posts. It's also about a year and some months old, so some of you may know it because you've seen in from one of these threads or happened there by chance.

But now it has a new layout, which you can take a look at. It's built off my site's layout ... and so uses the same simplicity and color design.

Yes. It's very simple, I realize that. Yes, the background is white. That is how I want the design. If none of you have noticed, this is where web design is at the moment. Does Technorati have a colored background? Digg? Nope, white space is in. So I do not want one more person asking for a background color. I quite like the white myself actually.

So anyways, I'm not really that angry. Any and all intelligent comments are welcome, be them positive or negative.