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Full Version: $forum['$fid'] template conditional
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Hi, can you help me here I do not remember exactly how the variable was going, what I try to make certain forums look normal and others in columns

Forum1 - fid1 - format normal
Forum2 - fid2 - format normal
forum3 - fid3 - format normal
forum4 - fid4 - format  normal

forum5 - fid5 - format column
forum6 - fid6 - format column
forum7 - fid7 - format column

I do not remember what it was like for me to take more id

<if $forum['$fid'] == '5,6,7'  then>
 HTML column
 HTML normal
don't quite follow... in which template do want to put that code - forumdisplay ? Try this

<if $foruminfo['fid'] == '5'  then>
HTML column
HTML normal

you can't have '5,6,7'

should be like <if $foruminfo['fid'] == '5'  || $foruminfo['fid'] == '6' || $foruminfo['fid'] == '7' then>
It did not work the way you did but it worked out by taking your example

---forumbit_depth2_forum- --

<if $forum['fid'] == '2' || $forum['fid'] == '3' then>

I think it does not affect anything that puts it this way, if one knows more correctly, it is appreciated ^^
In order for that to work, you have to have the template conditionals plugin installed! What ashley said should work, however if you have more than like... 8? ish forums in your formatting, then you'll have to instead use an array.