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Full Version: Additional Groups On Showteam.php
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Hi, I just have a quick question and sorry to bother anyone and waste their time but when I've set additional groups via AdminCP they show up on the showteam.php with the Primary User Group which is all I want to show up. I don't know what I did but beforehand it used to just show the Primary User Group and I can't seem to find a way to fix this issue.
In the group settings, there’s a checkbox for “show this team on listing page” or similar.
Yes but wouldn't that also get rid of the Primary User Group showing up there?
No. It's a group listing. It'll show the users in the group irrespective of their primary.
If you wanna show only the primary group but not the additional groups for team members then there is a new setting since MyBB 1.8.16

ACP > Configuration > Settings > Forum Team > Show Additional Groups

Switch it off and you will get only primary groups for team members in 'showteam' page.
Thank you so much! I feel really stupid now!