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Full Version: Web Disk Upload Plugin = "This resource fork intentionally left blank"
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So, downloaded Web Disk for site files. 

Uploaded PageManger plugin via Web Disk. And then this popped up:

Quote:Mac OS X  2��ATTR���9�;5b5cce5e;Chrome;462F739C-F7B7-44B3-A880-170AD6C555D0This resource fork intentionally left blank ��

Any idea how to get rid of this or what the cause is?
Deactivated, uninstalled and deleted the file to see if it would go away. Still there. 

Any help would be appreciated!

1.) Only shows on Plugins page in ACP.
2.) PageManger plugin works appropriately.
3.) No other errors on site.

Friendly bump. Smile
Friendly bump! (Another user working this same issue)
^ delete .DS_Store named files from the plugins folder of mybb files server

[.DS_Store file details]