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Full Version: What are you doing online?
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I Am Here Online is a fairly new site, what I will be doing over the next year or so is simply finding out what people are doing here online. Everyday millions of people go online, and the site basically is asking the question what are you doing here online?

Are you starting a business, looking for love, trying to make money, connections, looking to just meet people, get entertained, self published, etc

The site is cool because you can join the forum. A MyBB forum was just added to the site. You can also create a virtual space (similar to myspace) to pimp your online activities. So if you are doing something remotely interesting online, have a cool new community, great link, articles or something worth sharing, you are welcome to drop by, join the forum, share your links, drop off an article or create a member page to let us know what you are doing here online.

In the furture if people are interested we might add revenue sharing for the forum if I can figure out how to do so using the MyBB addon's.

Again the site is

The site actually uses the original copy of the myBB forum because it really worked great with the existing color scheme. So sorry no pimped out site to show, but I hope to have a lot of great content over the next year, and I really hope to get to the heart of what everyone is doing here online.

So feel free to drop by.