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Full Version: The Paracast & The Tech Night Owl LIVE
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I have two boards to show.

Our most recent update -- at -- was originally on SMF, converted to vBulletin and now to MyBB. We took the standard theme and customized the CSS slightly for our needs, and added a few plug-ins for board announcements and the contact page. We have also provided our members with four themes from which to choose in their User CP, so we might end up using something else in the end.

The other board -- -- was converted from SMF several months ago. This and the board at The Paracast have the same design and mod layouts, to keep a family resemblance. For now, I've selected a slightly tweaked BlueNooB as the default theme, but we offer the same four theme options to our visitors, in case they want something else.

In addition to basic comments and suggestions, you are all welcome to join our boards if the content appeals to you.

Gene Steinberg
Co-Host, "The Paracast"