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Full Version: MyBB guide application project (Android - iOS)
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I created a beta MyBB guide app. I released version. Oranginal app language is Turkish, so i used Yandex and Google for translate. Sorry for bad English. I cant speak English perfect.

File information:
SHA256: 3f990b2af0039dd94959aca059b5d88dd11a49991262cf66b8fbcfe35428c607
File name: MyBBLab_ENG_en571482674
File type: .apk (Android package)
File size: 5MB (5.391.603 bayt)



Note: I'm doing my best for a nice translation.
Note 2: Babable said, "unwanted software". It does this all the time, it does not apply to this file.

Up to date.

Up to date.
Up to date.
good work Wink
Great, when will this be available on playstore? because not everyone likes to install via unknown source