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Full Version: How to use Insites Cookie Consent?
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I am trying to add Insite's cookie consent form to my forum (from I have generated the code, but am not sure where to put it.

Insites' documentation says that the code should go in the <head> section "of your website". This makes sense, as the code in question is essentially some links to a stylesheet and some JavaScript. But there are two issues. Firstly, I don't understand what they mean by "of your website". Does that mean every page of the site? Or just the home page? Or what?

More importantly, where do I find the <head> section of the forum? I looked in index.php. but of course this is PHP code, so there is no <head> or <body>. Presumably, the PHP generates some HTML somewhere, but I have no idea how to find that.

I would appreciate any advice. I know there are other cookie consent tools around, but I would prefer to stay with Insites, if possible as I've used it elsewhere and would like the consistency.

ACP > Templates & Style > Templates (Side menu) > Select your template set > Ungrouped Templates > headerinclude

You can add the code here.
Excellent. Works perfectly. Thanks very much, Wires.

I'am having trouble finding where to place the code that will disable cookies. The code is here: Please help.
Could this metod be ok with the new European cookies law 2020 changes?