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Full Version: Current state of Trello
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Whats current state of Trello boards for Mybb? Judging by last activity date its pretty much abandoned?
I don't think Trello boards for MyBB are currently being managed. Maybe team member can tell Smile
We ditched it for (The much less useful) Github projects because people didn't want to take the time to actually use Trello. Wink So yes, abandoned.
To add, we also wanted to reduce reliance on external services - especially ones that require people to sign up to to use. GH Projects isn't ideal, but it integrates well with the GitHub repositories, and if people are contributing on GH they already have an account for.

Additionally, if GitHub suddenly closes down then the loss of the Projects boards are a concern - but so is the loss of our repositories!

It may also be helpful to link the the above mentioned GitHub projects:

We still need to find the time to populate this and manage them a little bit better, but all of our roadmap is public on gitHub or here in the forums at the minute.