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Full Version: Uploading attachments not working?
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I don't know if MyBB forum has been updated to the latest version,if yes,then there must a bug because i'm not able to upload the attachments in my post and it is also not producing any error.

If you've already updated to 1.8.18 make sure you've updated your templates, too. "post_attachments_new" has been changed to allow uploading multiple files.
I didn't update yet but i wanted to post a screenshot in my thread,on MyBB forum,it didn't work.

Uploading attachments is working fine for me.
Well,not working for me on MyBB,i tried to upload in this thread too,a casual screenshot but nothing happened.
If you mean the Community Forums, there are some issues related to uploads like attachments and Extend builds that will need looking into. In the meantime you can try external image hosting for support threads.
Yes,i mean,MyBB forum,the community forums.
for me it works fine.
The issue with uploading attachments and files to the community forums has now been resolved, please try again.
Working now.Thanks
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