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Full Version: jquery 1.12.4
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Doing a test with Chrome developer tools shows that this script has known security vulnerabilities.

Can the jquery file be updated?

What functions depend on this file? I know the select function breaks when removing the script.

I replace mine with 3.3.1 and then it passes the audit.

[Image: Screenshot_from_2018-08-29_17-01-12.png]

have you checked with jquery-migrate if there are any errors/warnings in console?
obviously not an issue for anyone else...

The BCC also breaks on compose PM; and the postbit_multiquote button disappears.
Please report this to a bug report section or into internal support
I have requested that the thread be moved to the bugs section now.

I forgot to mention, for those that are not familiar with Chrome developer tools. Click on the 3 vertical dots, top right, next to the URL bar, then click on more tools -> developer tools.

From there you will be able to see and run the audit options.
What exactly is the bug here? Yes, jQuery 1.x is no longer in development however this issue does not affect MyBB.

3rd party libraries will most likely be updated in MyBB 1.9 anyway so there is no point in introducing breaking changes in a minor point release.
But why to apply a patch for a feature that is not used in MyBB?
Because an error is still being reported- I personally don't like living with those types of errors or warnings, and I have deleted this file from my installation.

if a patch is as simple as Eldenroot points out, then i don't see why it can't be included even now with the 1.8 series. However, instead of a patch, it would be nice if the MyBB features could work with the latest jquery 3.3.1 or 3.3.1-slim, But I don't know what that entails though.
Your tool most likely just checks the version code but not the existence of said patch. So applying it wouldn't change anything.
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