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Full Version: Easy one: How to change "New Posts" "No New Posts" Forum Icons
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I am using MyBB 1.8, with the Default theme.

I've searched this forum, Googled, and ransacked my site's image files and .css files but I'm still stumped. I'd like to change the little white and black "new posts" and "no new posts" thread dots:

[Image: thread-read-unread-icons.jpg]
I intend to replace them with my own little sun and moon icons. Please point me in the right direction to find where to make the changes.

FYI: My site is at, but it's closed (under construction) right now so you can only see the groovy header I've made.

Thank you! Smile
they are not easy to change.

See these links:

Also those icons are built from a sprite - images/forum_icon_sprite.png
(08-29-2018, 03:23 PM)Ashley1 Wrote: [ -> ]Also those icons are built from a sprite - images/forum_icon_sprite.png
Thank you for your guidance to the sprite image, Ashley1. These are new to me! Clever. Probably my quickest route is for me to replace this particular sprite image with one containing the icons I want, at exactly the same coordinates within the image. I'll try that.
Thanks again,
If you want to replace with images instead of the CSS tutorial i posted, then you need to follow a different method. It was discussed on the forum before, i just don't recall the thread. maybe somebody else will post it.
No problem ... I just went ahead and modified the sprite file to my liking. The result is just what I wanted. Thanks again for directing me.

[Image: thread-read-unread-icons2.jpg]