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Full Version: Members, Categories, Posts Badges and Stars
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Hello to everyone,

and very sorry since my english is not perfect.

A friend installed MyBB locally on my Apple for me to try before using on the website/blog i got with friends
I never used any buletin bord so my questions are very basic!

I am on Administration to try to set group categories and i do not understand how to, I will explain

Do I need to make group by group
-this are to go up with posts
1 novice
2 apprentice
3 posting freak
4 etc
5 inivited members - do not need posts
6VIP members- do not need posts
and you have moderator, administrator, super moderator

Do they all have to be in groups
and the ones who need posts need to be in User titles and groups? Or appart

I see in forum glitterish in the names and search google

but my forum is dark
can somebody help
i cannot understand that <span> and how to place it on 

This is my first time if im asking a very stupid questions sorry I am new