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Full Version: Get announcement box like the "Ways to get your questions answered quicker" box above
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Greetings again,

I've tried various extensions such as the BAM Announcements Manager to get an announcement box similar to the one at the top of THIS Forum (the one entitled, "Ways to get your questions answered quicker") ... but I am unable to fully format the text using BBcode.

In particular, I am unable to insert line breaks, so my text is just one big block paragraph. I've tried all kinds of suggestions for line breaks, even just using a couple of hard returns ... but nothing works.

Can someone tell me what extension was used to create the announcement box at the top of THIS forum? It looks like just what I need.

I am using MyBB 1.8 and my site is at It is under construction but my present BAM Announcements Manager box is there.

Thank you!
ACP > Forums & Posts > Select Options dropdown for relevant forum > Edit Forum

Scroll down and you see Forums rules. Be sure to select your test method and then input your text in the following text area. You can format text using HTML/CSS.
Well duh. Thank you, Wires! And thank you for your patience with this newbie.