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Full Version: Disable Flood Time in Posts for Groups
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Hello everyone!

I was looking to disable the Post flood time setting for an usergroup on my forum but wasn't able to find it.

Then i searched the community forums and found this:

But this an old plugin and before using it or trying it,i would like to ask you experts,if there is some other method available to do this modification.

My forum is running the latest version of MyBB.

I would be very thankful to you.

Try instead:

1: copy myflood.lang.php to \inc\languages\english\admin  folder
2: edit line 26 of myflood.php to read  "compatibility" => "18*"


then adjust flood-time settings under User group >>Group >> Forums & Posts >> Post Flood Control, and/or (bonus) Thread Flood Control

I have installed the plugin,had to put myflood.lang.php into \inc\languages\english\admin folder and into \inc\languages\english folder.

I can see the option User group >>Group >> Forums & Posts >> Post Flood Control, and/or (bonus) Thread Flood Control but i can't see my flood settings in home/board settings.

After setting the limit to zero,i tried making a thread after another but the limit of 30 seconds was still active on that usergroup.
I tested on MyBB 1.8.18 and seems to be working fine

put 2 or 3 seconds in the flood-field (better to prevent accident-double-tap ), save settings.. and try again.
Not working...

I got some other problems too,like i had to replace NULL to 0 in the plugin too because of the updated and very recent mysql version of my host.

I can activate it but it is not working.

Do you see this option?


I don't.

Deleted and uploaded the fresh files,plugin works as in this post too.

I assume that the hosting company made some modifications because the same plugins,with fresh files and then with modified files,weren't working when i started the thread.

However,thankyou all!