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Full Version: "Restore" button on Postbit always showing after update.
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Hey guys,

After updating to 1.8.18, I'm getting a small bug on the "Restore Post" button on Postbit. Normally it's show only when a post is soft deleted.

He is always showing (Using mod/admin profile), independent of the post is deleted or not.

Any what to fix this? Or is to supposed to be like this?

(I'm legible to support, btw:
Thank you very much Ashley.

The problem is gone now.

Who is facing this problem the solution is very simple:

Just open your global.css of your custom theme and add this code:


.deleted_post .postbit_qrestore,
.deleted_post .status_type{

.deleted_post .postbit_mirage{

Save and done.

If you cannot see the changes, please press Ctrl+F5 on your browser.