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Full Version: MyBB Login glitch?
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So, basically I have a steam login plugin for MyBB ( You can no longer login to the forums at with your steam account. If you try to login with the administrator account with the site, it will persist that you're not logged in.

As shown here:
I have tried everything I know of to get this to work, I honestly do not have any ideas.

I then uninstalled the steam plugin which allows people to login via steam. 

I then tried to login to mybb forums with the default admin account, it says I was logging in but then I just get redirected back to the standard forums page not logged in, the same was I was treated with the steam plugin. (

Thank you guys!
(2018-09-13, 12:43 AM)Wires Wrote: [ -> ]See thread Login/Logout problems? PLEASE READ.

Appreciate it mate. Helped me out big time.