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Full Version: Multiple Pages\Forums on Godaddy website
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I am setting up a Website with Forum(s) on GoDaddy. Basically I want something like a girls sports Forum on one webpage, a boys sports Forum on another webpage. and maybe even two more Forums after that.

I understand how to get one Forum up and going. But how would you get two or more Forums on one website on different webpages?
you can make & use as many forums as you want in different sub-folders / sub-domains.
they will be separate forums & no connection between them. users have to register &
login to them separately

however I prefer using a single forum with different sections catering to the different user groups.
group permissions can be used for accessing privileges to different forum sections.
Ok I'm getting the multiple forums per page idea. And I understand now why the different section same PWD/ID is a better solution.

Is it possible to have links that direct to the same forum page but with a category highlighted or only that category there? I tried to search for a category but you can only seem to search for a user/post.

I'm guess php code might be usable to reorder a category depending on the link chosen. It wouldn't be random you would know ahead of time what category each link was set to?
^ category links (just like forum sections links) can be used on the index (or on the header part) as required. [eg. 1.8 Support [category]]