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Full Version: Update previous MyBB Theme to a new one
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Can anyone please tell me how to update a previous version of a theme to a newer one without reinstall?
You will have to manually implement the new changes.
New version of the theme or new version of MyBB ? I personally do not recommend live updating on a production board. Do whatever changes are necessary offline and install as a new theme.
(09-27-2018, 10:24 AM)Wires Wrote: [ -> ]You will have to manually implement the new changes.
True, @OP you can also check the theme updates from the theme author.
Thanks for your response guys. Appreciate your time taking.
But I don't wanna install a new theme since I have already way too much stuff changed and customized on the actual theme.
I put the updated files on but mybb tells me to create a new theme with that, maybe I am just missing something trivial so I was wondering how the process went for you guys in case you did upgrade your themes already.