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Full Version: how do i make the "ways to get your questions answer quicker" box?
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i came here to post this thread and what i wanted is (almost exactly) right there!

on the top of this forum is a "text box" that says "Ways to get your questions answered quicker"

how do i make that? Big Grin i tried searching but i don't know the right terms to use to find the result. Sad

if i can make exactly that same box (with different text of course) above the thread list per forum, that will help.

but can i also put that same box at the top of a "new thread" creation page?

what i'm really trying to do is suggest what people should type in a new thread in particular forums. ideally i'd have each new thread auto-populate this text (for example):

Computer OS:
Firmware Version:

i've researched that it's not too easy to do that without plugins and formatting. so i think the next best thing is to just have some text at the top of the page of certain forums so they can at least copy/paste, or reference that sort of detail.

any ideas? again, i'd like the "Ways to get..." text box at the top of particular forums and possibly at the top of any "New Thread" creation page.

if you want that kind of box *specifically* on top of forums and specifically a different message in each box, i believe it's just the forum rules. there should be a box for "forum rules" once you've created the forum and you enter the edit screen a second time.

i'm not sure about the plugin thing, but you can definitely use forum rules to post a form for what you'd like people to provide themselves on each new thread. i'm also not sure about the "new thread" page but i'm sure there's a way.