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Full Version: Import users and posts from an own-made forum
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I would like to know how easy/hard is to move from another forum to MyBB. The old forum was written by someone else (only for needs of our community) and now we want to move it to another forum engine. We have all users in db so I can export users to any format. Unfortunately all posts are in files but someone can convert it to another format.
Is it possible to upload somehow users and posts to MyBB? If it's possible, where I should start?

Thanks in advance!
The easiest solution might be to write a module for the MyBB Merge System (latest code in repository at

You can follow examples for some other popular software:
I've done this in reverse. From MyBB to a custom community. It is trivial to do.

There's a few ways you can go about it, the way I did it was:

INSERT INTO mybb_forums ([collumns])
SELECT [old_collumns]
FROM   [old_forums_forum_table]
[optional WHERE]

And I had to do that for each table. In the MySQL console. After a lot of trial and error locally using PHPMyAdmin to get a visual overview of what happened.

Yes you can write a merge system module, or you can do it the manual way. The manual way is faster.
Thanks for your quick replays!

I set up a new MyBB forum for tests. I uploaded some test users directly to a data base, to users table (first I downloaded users from the old forum, also downloaded table structure from the new forum and adjusted the table structure to be able to upload it without any issues). It seems to be working! Is it a good way to import users? If yes, I have the next question. In my old db I have plain text passwords :/ How to encrypt them in a new db?

If that's a good way, the next step will be to upload all posts. That will be the hardest thing. What I should start with?
I'm not a professional, so please try to explain it as clear as it's possible Smile

Edit: I just noticed that if a user logs in once then its password become encrypted what is fine if there is no better solution.
^ as you have already experimented with test users,
most probably you can import users table by modifying the structure (& the contents)
Quote:just noticed that if a user logs in once then its password become encrypted
yes. initially you can insert plain passwords (blank for the salt & loginkey) & they will be encrypted later.