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Full Version: Keep getting logged out of admin
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Don't know what happening but keep getting logged out of admin change my password then it let me login then as soon as i click on something it logs me out again  Undecided
Too little information for us to know what the problem is, but you can try clearing your cookies.
I login into the admin panel and as soon as I click on anything it logs me back out, the cookie thing did not work
Is this a new forum you installed? You can check your cookie path settings as well. See the link in my sig.
it allows me access to the admin panel, but won't let me access anything within the admin panel just keeps shoting me back to the admin login area. hope this helps
What's the link to the site? You can check your cookie settings by clicking view source on the homepage.
I tried the cookie thing but the path is set correct and its still logging me out hmmmm

I just posted the link to my website
Looks like a brand new forum you just installed. I have had this problem when installing new test sites, and clearing the browser's cookies resolved the problem. You don't have to clear the browser cache. Beyond that I am out of ideas.
am running a vps its probably a configuration  within that, I will look into it but thanks for your help.

I found out what the problem is, it is chrome, god knows what causing the problem, I even flushed my DNS cache in the end and that did not work, So am using Explorer instead and that is working fine.
I have resolved the issue now, I had only deleted one hours worth of cookies, instead of deleting all cookies. I now can get back into the admin area and move around in it. Thanks for help