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Full Version: Error message with plugins
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/public_html/inc/languages/english/admin/multiattachments.lang.php does not exist

Just went into plugins to add a plugin and I get this instead of being to able add a plugin hopefully my website is not messed up, as I have no backups and as I host myself I have no host to go and get a back up from.
Is that file in the install package of the plugin you are trying to install? Maybe you missed uploading it, or you uploaded it to the wrong location. Either way the error message is clear, the file does not exist.
You apparently have an older plugin installed that doesn't have the correct language file structure.

For now, just create an empty PHP file with the name/location listed above. (It does have to have PHP opening and closing tags to work, though)

That should get rid of the errors, unless of course there are more issues.

The file MultiAttachments.lang.php  is included in the package, make sure you UPLOADED it,
and then in your language/admin folder, change MultiAttachments.lang.php to multiattachments.lang.php  ( all lower case letters)

* tested and works on 1.8.19
Ok thanks for all replys I wI'll look into this and see how I get on. I never get replays to my emails from this forum that's why I have taken so long to replay. It will be a hotmail thing.

Just renaming it as not change anything looks like I will have to reinstall my forums and this time keep a back up
I reinstalled my forum, thought I had found a new plugin for adding more than one attachment at a time. It was the same plugin and caused the same problem, this time I did mange to resolve the issue by doing what you guys said. I was uploading the wrong bit from the wrong folder and altering the wrong file with the same name.

But this time I did get it figured out and now can upload more than one file at a time so happy days and thanks for all your help.