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Full Version: v1054 longipaddress in field
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I was testing mybb forums after upgrading, and most everything is working.  When I try to post, I get this error:

SQL Error:1054 - Unknown column 'longipaddress' in 'field list'Query:INSERT INTO mybb_posts (tid,fid,subject,icon,uid,username,dateline,message,ipaddress,longipaddress,includesig,smilieoff,visible) VALUES (32244,'27','test',0,'1053','Johnny S',1541627445,'tedsf fdfdf fd',X'3132382e39322e36342e323432',-2141437710,0,0,1)

I tried a previous solution "ALTER TABLE mybb_users ADD longlastip BIGINT;" but it did nothing.

Any thoughts?
The longipaddress column no longer exists in MyBB, can you try running the file verification tool in ACP > Tools & Maintenance to see if your files are all up to date?