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Full Version: "An error occured with the human verification" on registration
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I recently upgraded to 1.8.19 and have been receiving this error when trying to register. Not sure what's causing it, what I've tried:
  • forced default theme and updated all templates
  • set new captcha keys
  • tried again with all plugins disabled
[Image: uqTC9v5.png]

Also receiving this when trying to reset PW or do anything that requires a captcha to be solved
Do you have a link to your site, Nick?
(2018-11-13, 08:43 PM)Ben Wrote: [ -> ]Do you have a link to your site, Nick?

Sent you a PM
Was there a solution to this?  I'm having the same problem with "Human Verification" and reCaptcha on 1.8.19.  It says there's an error with Human Verification but there's nothing in any log that I can find.