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Full Version: Site close and admin account password bug
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so mysite is close and my admin account his bugging like password not working anymore need help fast pls... when i click change password it's redirect me and said that the site is closed

how can I reopen my site by phpmyadmin? I have tried something but im not sure if Imade the good command

is that good to reopen the site?

INSERT INTO mybb_settings (sid, name, title, description, optionscode, value, disporder, gid, isdefault) VALUES (NULL, 'boardclosed', 'Board Closed', 'If you need to close your forums to make some changes or perform an upgrade, this is the global switch. Viewers will not be able to view your forums, however, they will see a message with the reason you specify below. Administrators will still be able to view the forums.', 'yesno', '0', '1', '1', '1');
Alternatively you could go through settings.php (inc/settings.php), I've used it before.

$settings['boardclosed'] = "1";
Set to 0.