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Full Version: Clickable usernames in quotes
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Would be really nice to have a clickable usernames (url links to user's profile page) in quotes. It should reflect usernames changes.

Right now I have to use 3rd plugin from ZingaBurga here:
I agree, this would be nice imo.
Agreed, right now if the quoted poster changes their name and edits their post, there is no way to find out to whom the quote is attributed to.

Could be implemented by adding a uid="" attribute in the quote tags next to dateline="" and pid="" so that if a uid attribute is present in the quote tags, it would link to the user's profile, and if absent, not link and work as it works now.
This has been discussed before and was agreed upon to implement, IIRC.
Of course a considerable suggestion.
This should tie in to the parser improvements we want to make and would make perfect sense. Definitely a yes from me.

Your feature suggestion has been accepted as a planned feature to be implemented in MyBB. Thanks for your contribution!