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Full Version: Security at md5 ()
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Good evening! 

I have two questions, but they relate to the same problem. 

I encrypt passwords via md5 () and write them into a database:

$password = md5 ( $password );
I save a cookie with logged-in users with a SessionID and I create it like this (will be checked beforehand if a user already has the same):

$sessionID = md5 ( uniqid ( rand (), true ) );

How safe are these two examples in terms of the fact that, for example, different passwords do not have the same hash? How could a hacker outsmart this and take advantage of it? 

About suggestions for improvement, I am very grateful![img=22x22][/img]
I would suggest you to drop using md5 hashing. Yes for several reasons, and yes, I know MyBB uses it still, but ...
You should look at PHP's