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Full Version: Post To Facebook From Mybb
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I'm looking for a way to automatically share posts in my forum to a group on Facebook.

I know MybbPublisher exists but the current version doesn't work with the newest mybb... though I was able to adjust the .php file to get it that far, but there are still some issues I'm having. Plus the guy that build the thing doesn't seem to have a working site anymore so I can't get any assistance there.

What I want to do is to have mybb publish a new thread to our sites facebook page and I'd like to be able to filter by FID as to what will and won't get drawn from. Basically everything publisher does but... working.

If there's not a good way to do this automatically, manually would be good I'm just not finding what I want and I don't know enough about making it work.

Thanks for any assistance ahead of time.
It is hard to do now a days with the Facebook API. Requires a review an approval process with facebook. You have to take a video of the process and do a login demo.
I don't mind doing all of that really. If I was smart enough I'd just figure out how to add maybe a little button that would just post it to the group I want it in on the thread page itself.