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Full Version: Help with banners
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Hi, I'm using Mybb in my forum monetizing with the My Advertisements plugin right now I have 2 problems.
- When I place the advertising banner in the head and in the footer only the advertising appears on the homepage of the bone page on the home page and not when I enter the other categories.
- When I place advertising in the posbit it does not appear.

Well I hope you help me, thanks.
Does this happen on the default MyBB theme too?
Yes, I'm using the default theme

Unfortunately that is not the default MyBB theme, though it is similar just looks as though some customization were made. I am personally unfamiliar with this plugin so I am not sure why it would be doing this as I can confirm that ads show on the main page but no other pages but from the looks of the plugins extend page its supposed to be global... Hmm..

Perhaps I will leave this to someone with more knowledge of the plugin? Are you sure you added the tags to Header Templates --> header and similar with the others, not the Index Templates --> index?
Hello, the only code that I have entered in the index is the one that gave me the company with which I work to verify my website, the advertising codes I place them according to the My advertisiments plugin that gives me the options head, footer and posbit.
Hmmm, very odd. You might have better luck posting this in the Plugins Support forum as it has to do with a plugin. Name the title of the thread something like "My Advertisements Only On Index?" and then be descriptive there. Smile
Ok, thanks