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Full Version: OUGC Awards big update
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Hi everybody. I want to ask if there is anybody interested in trying the update to this plugin. The feature list is as follows:
  • Support for MyBB 1.6 was added back.
  • Users can now be granted the same award multiple times.
  • Categorization added.
  • Award multiple users at the same time.
  • Task feature (basically a promotion system kind of thing familiar to many)
  • Most awards and last awards stats in the stats page.
  • Requesting awards.
  • Imports from MyAwards and Nickman's award plugin.
  • Display all user's awards inside the welcome block (popup)
  • View all link in posts will bring forth a popup.
  • Organizing of awards for users. Users can change the display order and hide awards from postbit, profile, and any popup. Checking the award page in awards.php will display a listing of all users and the stats cache will count all awards.
  • MyAlerts 2.n integration is back. One type of notification will be displayed when being granted an award.
  • Owner status can be granted to any user over any award. Owners can manage their awards pretty much like any moderator from the MCP but from the UCP (grant, revoke, and manage requests).
  • Assign thread to an award.

Please if you want to try this new update, follow the link below. Download the develop branch in the plugin repository and upload all files accordingly. Beware, I don't recall if updating from 1.8.3 works, but it should, I will make sure till the end only.

Clone or download button -> Download ZIP

I can't recall if all features in that list are finished but I'm sure work was started.

IMGUR Gallery (Not all images are attached in this post)
Very nice Omar Smile

Hope I can request a feature
- Default support for font awesome icons will also be awesome. Manually it can be done but default will be nice Smile
Thank you for your suggestion WallBB, though at this time I will only release what is already coded (as it has been there for years). I might get to add more features after that.
(2018-12-21, 07:44 AM)Omar G. Wrote: [ -> ]Thank you for your suggestion WallBB, though at this time I will only release what is already coded (as it has been there for years). I might get to add more features after that.
Sounds good Smile
Great! thank you!

I hope we can expect more deatures soon Smile
(2018-12-23, 09:29 AM)Eldenroot Wrote: [ -> ]Great! thank you!

I hope we can expect more deatures soon Smile

I'm glad that you didn't say 'dentures'.  Dodgy
Hi there everybody!

I bring you a little update to my work these past days. I expanded the featured list a little more and updated the first post with images.

I'm excited that the plugin now allows for far more customization regarding templates and more user modules were added (owner status and organizing features).

I have no doubt this is now the most powerful, free, award/achievement plugin out there for MyBB.

Please note that MyBB 1.6 compatibility was implemented as a paid request and thus was never officially released. Hence, since some time has already passed, I'm not testing this with MyBB 1.6 and I will only fix not complex issues you bring forth.

Also, this will probably be the last big update for the MyBB 1.8 branch.
looks very beautiful. as soon as possible Smile
awesome update
Hi, I have updated the plugin to version 1.8.19 in the extend site. Unfortunately, previous versions didn't include the code name feature fore the update module in the plugins section of the ACP, so you wont be alerted of it.

Please refer to the release thread for support.
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