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Full Version: Custom Profile Field cannot store emoji, help~
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In a custom profile field when a user register on the forum, for example, if I copy and paste WakaMachi👻#7756 into custom profile field, it looks like database cannot store emoji part, which is 👻. And 👻 is displayed as ? (so my whole custom profile field, which I entered WakaMachi👻#7756 first time when register, become and is shown as WakaMachi?#7756). How can I modify database so that my custom profile field can store emoji 👻 correctly?
Go to Home » System Health » UTF-8 Conversion and make sure to convert the userfields table to 4-Byte UTF-8.
Sorry, that didn't work. Still 👻 is shown as ?.
It worked for me. Did you update your profile field value? Your users will need to update their values for the emojis to be saved from now on.