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Full Version: 2 questions
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Hi all!

I've got two questions.

Is there any other good chatbox that I can add on my forums? I'm now using DVZ' Shoutbox, but it doesn't look so good.
If there is a better current plugin please repply. Or if I need to change my css please tell me as I'm very bad with it lol.

[Image: f190fcb1a18ea37043d4dcd4d67261e9.png]

Also I've tried to change my background image to something else than the default image.
I've edited my global.css and change the url/path to the image file.

background:#171717 url(images/revolution/pepebackgr.jpg) repeat center center fixed !important;

Like that, but it still doesn't change.

Also I accidently added a lot of post Icons (like 100), but now I want them all to be gone as they take a long time to load.

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