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I create Clash Royale and Clash of Clans forum, but I need some plugins.

  1. Event Thread: Like this thread.
  2. Hoster Quiz and Reviewer Center: No any member can make tournament, and I need form. And if form is filled, member send this to Reviewer Center where staff review this, mark every answers if false or true. If answer id false, reviewer need to enter description of this question. If all answers is true, member transferred to hosters group. If some answers is false, form send again to member with descriptions, where member can edit ONLY false answers and then send form again to Reviewer Center etc.
  3. Ranking System: Tournament system where organizer need to raport tournament matches and scores. Two ranks: CrownRank (CR) and StarRank(CoC). Plugin should generate top table. All memebers starts 0 Rank. Calculating ranks: Your Crowns or Stars minus Opponent Crowns or Stars = Rank edit (add or remove). Should show matches in the member profile.
  4. OUGC Awards Trading: Member can trade awards without admins or moderators. 
Those who help to make these plugins get a seat in the forum's technical contributors team.
Try XThreads plugin for - > 1. Event thread
How is the idea about awards trading, can you elaborate?
(2019-01-05, 08:54 AM)Omar G. Wrote: [ -> ]How is the idea about awards trading, can you elaborate?

Here is github develop link. I invited you to help making it.
I think the trading awards idea is pretty good
(2019-01-05, 03:47 PM)ks1001 Wrote: [ -> ]Here is github develop link. I invited you to help making it.

The repository has no information. I'm actually willing to add this by default to the plugin it you can elaborate how would it work.

Is it like a gift thing? Are users just allowed to gift away any award by any reason? From where exactly? How is the system suppose to work? If you can elaborate and are willing to wait till next version is released, you might save yourself a lot of work.