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Full Version: Community Skin MyBB GAMING - ONLY 25$ PAYPAL/BANK TRANSFER
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[Image: itB4M15.png]Community Skin theme is a MyBB Theme that is made for all communities that strive for a darker design. It's a perfect blend of blue shades with gray and black for an amazing community forums. This dark design is fluid and allows most of the plugins to be installed without any hassles.

Paypal 10$
Bank transfer 10$

• E-mail adress: [email protected] 
• Discord: devPasti#7195 
• Gadu Gadu: 65727047
until January 15 - the price is $15
Very nice theme Wink
Hey can you post a picture of posbit see how it looks thanks
That theme sure does remind me of one of the themes that were ripped from

Currently, I can't verify this because the website is closed. (not gone, just closed)
the ten template is mine. Smile

THEME - the price is $10
Please PM me a demo link I'd like to see profile/posts/other pages etc.
Great work!
I think it was half-translated
Sorry to say this but this isn't you're theme. Dodgy
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