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Full Version: OUGC Spoiler
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[Image: cover_preview_25096_1588193412_d4c268f08...63ef6f.png]

Hide content within a spoiler tag.

Download from the MyBB Extend page.

Check the official page for more information.
How can I add to Text Editor?
That is not a feature of this plugin. You will need to search for some tutorial or plugin to do so.

Edit: It should probably be added automatically tho 🤔
I have reinstall plugin even though it not work on my another theme.
I added <!--OUGC_SPOILER--> code in headerinclude also.
It work in default theme properly.
I don't understand your post, do you have an issue with this plugin?
Yes, i install one theme. so i reinstall it but it not work on new installed theme. I Also added <!--OUGC_SPOILER--> code in headerinclude.
Make sure <!--OUGC_SPOILER--> is located in your footer template.
Thanks Omar G.
I am facing an issue with this plugin. The plugin currently renders spoilers even inside [code] tag. How can I make it so that the spoiler won't function inside the code tag?
Hi, please search:
$plugins->add_hook('parse_message_end', 'ougc_spoiler');

Replace to:
$plugins->add_hook('parse_message', 'ougc_spoiler');

If you could confirm this works I shall update the plugin eventually.
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