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Full Version: inline moderation works only on partial
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hi all, i have a security forum, adreessed on

i have an issue what when i try to select individual post to do inline mod, increase the count post for inline, but whe i mark to select all upside, it count all posts to inline, even if i unmark someone, it dont decrease

1- if i mark select all, it count 4 on inline

2- if i deselect 2 of them, still count 4, if i desectect "select all" it count 0, so the standalone check box dont working

could some one help me?

thanks by the way
It is likely to be a JS issue or plugin related. Could you go to ACP -> General Configuration -> Disable all plugins and set it to yes and check that this still happens.
tried that, disabled all plugins, and replace all files with original of 1.8.19 of jscript folder, but still no luck, could be something with the hosting?
which theme actually you are using ? it has jQuery loading twice. that needs to be avoided.
use prototipo theme, where can i prevent to load twice? headincludes?
Yes. headerinclude.
Don't include the latest version (3.3.1) use the old one.
and remove noconflict:
<script type="text/javascript">jQuery.noConflict();</script>
This is not required with MyBB 1.8 as we have dropped prototype.js library.

Looks like its a 1.6 theme somehow working with 1.8
comented the line of jquery, as it already loaded, and removed noconflict, working like charm, thanks all