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Full Version: Moved server could not login/logout
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Hi , 
i just moved my board to other server and did succesfull backup and installation ..
Now the problem is 
* An one who was already logged in to the board can not logout ( when press logout > page refreshes > on the same page 
* Any one who is not logged in > tries to login > goes back on the login page 

In both the situations there is no error message 
i am having this issue in the admin panel login as well 

Talked to host they said its a mybb issue 

Have few mods installed however it was working absolutely fine with those mods

username : testuser1
password : test123

this is a test account made for a user but not working as well 
follow this guidance : authorization code mismatch
(2019-01-07, 12:26 PM).m. Wrote: [ -> ]follow this guidance : authorization code mismatch

it does not say any error message , and i cant access the admin panel as well to add the code which you suggested