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Full Version: Clean Dark Mybb Theme 50.00
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[Image: b35067d48ec00b73838d4099344982e3.png]
[Image: 73d691f3005b986e2878fa28cc59c631.png]
[Image: fdffeda9b98faaad5e84d266faf9017e.png]
[Image: 699d7a4a111d22c632fad71cf7ef083a.gif]

Accepting Paypal/Itunes/PSN/BTC/ETH/XMR

Add me below if you are interested
Isnt this Tesla Dark theme?
it looks like with some edits but not sure...
(01-12-2019, 02:12 PM)RaiN`# Wrote: [ -> ]Isnt this Tesla Dark theme?

It's more like a rip-off of thisĀ THEME.

It's found on thisĀ WEBSITE.